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About Me

My name is Jeroen Martin Dubbeld, I was born in July 1972 and have been into photography from around the age of 16.
The 1st (film) camera I owned was a Nikon F601 with some lenses and a flash.
I witnessed the rise of the digital age from the start - Sony Mavica anyone?

For me "digital" started with the Canon EOS 10D, a 6MP DSLR and with that joining the Fotoacademie (Photoacademy) in Amsterdam for a few years of classes.
I switched to Canon EOS 1D Mark II and later Mark III model but man…the weight…the bulkiness…the effort of getting your gear out…it was not for me.

These days I travel light, the Fuji X100 series makes that possible. APS-C size sensor in a tiny camera delivering DSLR quality output.
No more bags full of weighty lenses just the wide angle and 50mm 'tele' converter have joined my bag.
Perfect for my - the more documentary - style of shooting. If that style suits you too, well then hey, we should talk.

So check out my portfolio if you not have done so already. I look forward to hearing from you!

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