Nikki and Milena contacted me via a friend, they were interested in a shoot of them together. We quickly settled on a date and a general idea of doing something urban.
As luck would have it the day of the shoot turned out to be rainy, windy and cold. Anything out in the elements would be a no-go so we decided to head for this skatepark.

The skatepark is located underneath a highway and gave some sort of protection against the elements. I shot some digital but mostly analog on my Mamiya and Fuji.
On some of the locations I had to push the film to get somewhat of a decent exposure time. In hindsight I think I should have made different decisions for the locations, there were quite a few underexposed shots.
I salvaged them in post but that added some extra ‘grain’, I would say true to an urban style but next time I will bring a flash.

Nevertheless we had a fun time and a follow up in a controlled environment is something both Nikki and Milena have said to be interested in.