Back in the day when I first started taking pictures there was only analog photography, for me that meant the 35mm format. Since then I experienced the digital revolution and have had many camera’s as technology progressed. For a few years now I have become brand loyal to the Fujifilm line-up as these camera’s have brought the analog operation into the digital world. Both in a tactile feeling (buttons instead of menu’s) as well as incorporating their knowledge of producing film into in-camera simulations. This gives you access to the digitalized versions of their old-school films e.g. provia, astia and acros. That said simulation still isn’t anything like the real thing where you load your camera with film and holding the developed negatives in your hands.

I had only just re-discovered my love for (medium-format) film when I had the opportunity to photograph French model Laura. I just had gotten hold of the new-to-me Mamiya C330f, so what better way to put it through its paces than in a studio setting. I was forced using available light instead of flashes as I didn’t have the right cable to connect the camera to the flash trigger but this was also one thing less to worry about. Where with digital I would return with close to 200 photos I now left with 6 rolls, what resulted in 68 negatives: 60 6×6 (b/w) and 8 6×9 (color). The slower pace and being more involved with each and every shot resulted in a lot of “keepers”. These are some of Laura’s favorites, and mine as well.