Mischkah is a traveling model from the UK (living in Norway) that has a love for our little country. I was following her for a while so was delighted to see she had plans to return and quickly messaged her for an appointment. We had some nice communication beforehand on ideas and location. Mischkah was the first model that asked upfront what kind of hairstyle I preferred. She can go from straightened to afro but I settled on her great natural curls. Apparently she is half Greek and I must admit that in her black dress she looks like an ancient Greek Goddess.

The shoot was great and very relaxed, we worked on some different settings and she had a keen eye on lighting, that was quite refreshing as we could set up quickly. I limited myself by using only the Mamiya RZ67 and the 110mm f/2.8 lens. This allowed me to still shoot some available light portraits at the end of the day. I shot Kodak Portra 800, not with a specific reason but it was the only color-film I had lying around, the black and white are on Kodak 400TX.